The Hive Library

primary school children at the Hive Library in Worcester, cutting fabric and creating pages for the tactile books.

From 2015 to 2017, I ran a number of school and family workshops at the Hive Library in Worcester, UK. These workshops were designed in response to temporary public exhibitions at the library.

The photographs below are from a workshop that I ran for children from Stanley Road Primary School. We began by visiting the exhibition of IBBY’s Outstanding Books for Children and Young People with Disabilities 2017. Students were then invited to create tactile books collaboratively, thinking about how blind and partially sighted children could engage with these books. In groups, they decided on a theme for their book, and each student would make a page for it. I assembled the pages after the workshop and delivered them to the school. The students were so pleased with them that they took them to reception and year 1 classes to share.