Storytime for Mother’s Day



These here tadpoles is the honest-to-god total number of children my mum managed to coax through to adulthood (well, one more to go!)  Until my nephew Sam was born a few years ago, I don’t think I ever properly took in what that might actually be like.  Now that I’ve started to try to imagine, I can’t get over how she juggled it.  Therefore I salute all mothers with admiration, but our own most especial much.

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I’ve been making some colour tests. Grey might be my new favourite.


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advent R us

This is the start of an advent comics jam I’m doing with Daisy - a day late already, tsk. Hopefully we’ll catch up..

dec1dec2 dec1 2

Dec4 dec5Dec6dec7dec8

Dec9 Dec10dec11Dec12thdec13 comic1415smalldec16dec17 18Decdec19Dec20 dec21Dec22 dec23Dec24 Dec25 Dec26Jan1Jan2-1Dec29_sm Dec30_smJan4Jan3

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We went to Finland!  It was splendid.   Sometimes we were on a lake, sometimes in it.  Finland is also good for snappy dressers


On Daisy’s blog you can see the first leg of our journey, in which we stomp-skip around Helsinki.  This below is part two, Tampere And Beyond.tampereleg2 1 tampereleg2

Some totally irrelevant games that happened there..

a beard




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A regular avalanche of birthdays this summer.





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LOAf 2 party at EGGS MILK BUTTER comics cafe!

We’re having a party for the second Loaf! We’ve grand ambitions to write a prizewinning graphic novel entirely in the medium of biscuit – come co-author it, do!  EGGS MILK BUTTER comics cafe have kindly agreed to let in a wild spree of Loaf friends and relations.   For a stirring coffee, best cake and cartoon bafoonery, join us! 6th of July from 3pm.


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the beetles

These chaps here are going to be in an exhibition at the Drawing Cube, where Karin Eklund will be curating a series of show through the summer and autumn. If you’re in Cambridge and at a loose end anytime soon, come over!  Private view is this Thursday 2nd May 5-7 pm.

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Stories begging to be told

Next week, I’ll be part of an exhibition curated by Karin Eklund at the Drawing Cube, part of the Changing Spaces project in Cambridge.  Visit the blog here.

Join us for the private view on the 2nd May from 5-7pm.

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